In the Character of Oceania...

Tahitian Black Pearls from Savage Pearls are truly uncommon and luminescent in their beauty. They absolutely inspire envy. If diamonds speak to the meaning of forever, then Tahitian Black Pearls communicate the worth of love.

Savage Pearls is in Hawai'i because it is the center of commerce in the Pacific, it has simple, direct access to French Polynesia, and because we can’t imagine being anywhere else.

Naturally, our designers and jewelers are heavily influenced by their environment, so the pieces they create with exquisite Tahitian Black Pearls are in the character of Oceania, imbued with the romance of Tahiti, and uniquely possessed of the exotic sensuality of the South Pacific.

Tahitian Black Pearl jewelry from Savage Pearls is not going to look like New York, London or Paris. It is going to look like hot tropical nights, unspoken passion and uniquely guilty pleasures.

It is going to be Polynesian. It is going to have a sense of place.  And it is going to take people’s breath away.


At the Savage Pearls retail shop on Kaua'i’s north shore, discerning clients encounter value beyond what they could find at home, in a place of such extraordinary beauty, its only rival may be Tahiti itself.  Exquisite Tahitian Black Pearls are among the world’s most desired and cherished gems, and the most sought after pearls on earth.

There is a sensuality, mystery and allure that is timeless, universal and undeniable. Part of it is the romance and beauty of Tahiti, part the sheer magnificence of the pearls themselves, and part the irresistibly of possessing something so incomparably rare.

Each beautiful piece of Savage Pearls Tahitian or South Sea Pearl Jewelry, including Tahitian Black and South Sea loose pearls, comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity. 

We offer personalized, custom care, design and repairs for your jewelry by our on-site award winning designer and jeweller.  Also available - "Cash for Gold".